Daffodil Days - Nantucket Daffodil Festival

The Island of Nantucket is located off of the East Coast of the US near Cape Cod Massachusetts (due south of Boston). It can be difficult to get there. We flew to Boston, we took a bus to Hyannis on Cape Cod, and then a ferry over to the island.  

The island was founded as a whaling town. The architecture and environment couldn't be more charming.

Getting around is easy. Just rent a bike and ride everywhere.

We headed there this year to enjoy the Daffodil Festival. I highly recommend it. 

First order of business, picking an outfit. Hint: Wear Daffodil yellow. Wear a hat. Decorate the hat with daffodils (fake or natural, either works). Caution: Dress warmly for the tailgate, and be a able to shed layers while in town.

Second, plan for the tailgate. Plan to shop and cook the whole day before. People who pass by your table may decide to sample your buffet. Be prepared for it!

Third -- Stake out your spot in Siasconset. Place your buffet table and chairs out in the village for the post parade community tailgate.

Fourth -- Enjoy the day. Starting with the antique car parade downtown and moving to Siasconset for the tailgate.

This year we were blessed with an incredibly sunny day. After prepping our food and packing the car, we headed downtown and checked out all of the antique cars.

After two hours on Main Street, we headed out to Siasconset and put out our "spread".  From there it was laugh, chat up the passers by, eat, drink, people watch, and enjoy the beautiful displays of food, fashion, cars, and costumes.

Note: All must end promptly at 3:30. Drop dead time was 5pm. :) Time to give the neighborhood back to the locals. A great day. A bucket list item. 

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